About Udana Inc.

UDANA Inc. is a consulting firm founded with the vision to provide scientific knowledge and expertise to create value-added solutions through international Scientific Service Contract

Our goal is to provide comprehensive scientific support to chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, and food companies to satisfy our customer needs and to build long-term business relationships with responsibility, quality, and commitment.

UDANA Inc. offers the analysis of the objectives and the situation of the client, then proposes solutions and support throughout the process.

In recent years, our business evolution has also led us to develop the Information Systems Audit service with personnel specialized in security and compliance of information technology systems, comprehensive risk management and improvement of control systems internal.

UDANA Inc. meets academics from different professionals highly qualified, with extensive experience in consulting, higher education, scientific research, and industry in the areas of Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products, Pharmacy, and Information Systems Audit. This spectrum of expertise ensures that the clients of UDANA Inc. can take advantage of highly efficient service.

UDANA Inc. builds the trust through values of efficiency, effectiveness, responsibility, ethics, experience, continuous updating, teamwork, interdisciplinary cooperation, and the strictest confidentiality. Our greatest strength is the intellectual capital of our excellent team of professionals, allied to service your company.

The knowledge and experience of our advisory team act in collaboration with contracting companies. Our model of Scientific Consulting Contract represents a valuable contribution to the Departments of Research and Development (R & D) and Regulatory Affairs of our customers, enabling them to expand their goals rapidly and to get more time on other strategic tasks.

Udana Inc has evolved and now also includes the service of Management and Audit of Information Systems

UDANA Inc. represents a valuable collaboration for the Research and Development Departments of companies in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and functional food industries for the development of new products.
Moreover, our strategic affiliations with national and international companies generate valuable alliances and interactions to meet the highest expectations of our clients.

Taking advantage of the extensive experience in the higher education of our consultants, UDANA Inc., has also incorporated since its inception, the academic activity. The integration of Information and Communication Technologies in all our processes, allows us to offer companies and individuals from different countries, our knowledge, overcoming the barriers of space and language.

Also, Udana Inc offers to consult on medicinal plants, food plants, useful plants, eco-tourism, and conferences, class, and educational programs.

We also have the support of our Virtual Classroom from where we develop our academic activity at a distance.

Let’s work together!