Management and Audit of Information Systems

The business world is increasingly dependent on technology, requiring complex software and equipment to organize information efficiently.

However, the processing of information in the databases of computer systems requires the review, monitoring, and evaluation of controls and computer systems to determine the efficiency and safety of the company which allows for proper decision making.

Udana Inc. has specialized personnel in Information Systems Audit with extensive experience in security and compliance of systems, as well as information technology security, comprehensive risk management and improvement of internal control systems.

The contributions of this service guarantee the security in the treatment of the data, the detection of errors and the efficiency and profitability of the computer system, among others.

The Management and Audit of Systems provide the following activities:

• Coordination of teams for the design of practical solutions that promote the growth of the company and technological innovation.
• Management for the improvement of the Internal Control System and the Risk Analysis.
• Optimize decision making and the cost-benefit ratio of information systems.
• Guarantee integrity and confidentiality through security systems.
• Algorithm Design & Development.
• Multiplatform Integration.
• Project/Team Management.
• Free software and GNU/Linux and Windows operating systems.
• Creation and manipulation of data Bases in Microsoft Access and MySQL.
• Programming Languages: Pascal; C/C++; Borland C++; Visual Basic; Java; JavaScript; Visual C++; PHP; Assembler: x86; MS Visual Studio/Embedded VS/Platform Builder; Oracle-DB; Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, KDE, CDE, GNome, CygWin, Nedit, VIM, StarOffice.
• COSO and COBIT approach for the area of internal audit.
• Extraction and processing of data by appropriate auditing systems in different platforms.
• Internal control and risk analysis.
• The configuration of networks under Windows
• Education about the control of information systems.

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