Scientific consulting about Nutraceutical and Complementary and Alternative Medicine

In the field of health sciences, it is known that the time available in a medical consultation to address the concerns of patients related to complementary medicine is limited.

Many doctors who have been trained with the conventional medicine approach do not know in depth all the contributions that complementary treatments and the continuous discoveries related to nutraceuticals can offer. On the other hand, patients receive information from different sources that are not always the most suitable because they lack the required scientific rigor.

Udana Inc. provides the patient with up-to-date scientific information about new treatments and approaches to nutraceuticals and complementary and alternative medicine. This support, embodied in the Udana Reports, allows the patient to interact with their doctor and decide on the best treatment option. Thus, information constitutes a valuable resource that contributes to improving the quality of life of people, under the guidance of physicians sufficiently informed about it.
The Udana Reports constitute valuable scientific information, but they do not substitute the consultation of the doctor who is responsible for diagnosing and prescribing the treatment.

Meanhile ,patients receive information from different sources (internet, other people, etc.) that is not always the most suitable for lacking a scientific rigor required. The main reason why patients use complementary medicine is to obtain their therapeutic benefits.

Several factors underlie at this decision:

• The desire to avoid the toxicity of synthetic medicine.
• Avoid invasive methods or side effects.
• Achieving a quality of life that is not obtained with conventional therapies.
• Philosophical reasons for preferring natural products to synthetic medicine.
• Some patients find incomplete or inadequate the conventional model who treats the symptoms and not the causes of diseases.
• Dissatisfaction with the attitude of the practitioners of conventional medicine.
• Searching for complementary treatment when conventional treatment has been disappointing for their chronic or acute condition. Chronic or severe illnesses typically motivate patients to seek complementary medicine as a treatment option.

However, the implementation of MCA and MI requires the support of updated scientific information to justify effectiveness and safety. Not every product of natural origin is safe or effective (a concept prevalent in some segments of the population).

In recent years the scientific literature on nutraceutical has increased considerably. Every time is found more scientific evidence supporting the hypothesis that certain foods, as well as some of its components, have beneficial physical and psychological effects, thanks to the contribution of essential nutrients.

Research in the field of nutraceutical is currently focused on the identification of biologically active food components that offer the possibility of improve physical and mental conditions and to reduce the risk of disease. From this point of view, new foods are being developed by the advantages they have on health. Parallel to this, it is generating a change in the behavior of the population towards seeking a type of rational eating to provide a better quality of life and prevent diseases.

Within this context, it is necessary to have updated scientific knowledge based on the evidence to establish the real usefulness of nutraceutical as support of complementary medicine. It is also required to determine that there may be undesired effects with the use of nutraceutical (side effects, medicine interactions, etc.).

Udana Inc. makes reports from exhaustive bibliographic reviews. This information is a valuable resource that will help improve the quality of life of the people, under the guidance of doctors sufficiently informed about it.

Consulting services Udana Inc. intends to offer updated scientific knowledge about nutraceutical and natural products properties. It is not a guide to self-medication. Professional advice for any decision related to food or nutraceutical use is recommended.

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