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Udana Inc. offers exhaustive and updates Systematic Reviews about the discoveries of natural products with therapeutic and nutraceutical properties.

Currently, there is a lot of information on clinical trials about the beneficial properties of natural products active compounds. But research and scientific publications, continue growing exponentially and product developers still require updated data. Many natural products are constantly investigated. At present, there is a lot scientific information on clinical studies about several properties from natural products. Numerous natural products have a tremendous therapeutic and nutraceutical potential that have not been explored.
Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional American Herbal Medicine, and Alternative Medicine are sources of essential knowledge about the therapeutics properties of medicinal plants. However, this information must be analyzed scientifically because natural products can also be a health hazard when it has not the opinion from a specialist.

Udana Inc. has the expertise to make the critical evaluation of updated scientific information on natural products for the developing of nutraceuticals, functional foods, or cosmeceuticals.

We provide reviews and reports customized for consumers, physicians, and health professionals in the field of natural products, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical.

Also, Udana Inc. provides updated information from Complementary and Alternative Medicine about the properties of natural products and nutraceuticals. This information will be accessible to the Research and Development department, as well as, to the Purchasing department of the Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical and Functional Foods industries, and for the scientific marketing documents.

These consulting services are also directed towards business units of purchasing or supplier employees to gain technical knowledge required dealing effectively with their vendor counterparts. The information would have updated scientific content.

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Udana Reports is only for educational purposes. It intended it is to provide updated knowledge about the importance of food for a healthy life. It is not a guide to self-medication. Professional advice is recommended for any decision related to food. Nutritional needs vary from person to person depending on age, sex, health status, and the total diet.
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